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Photography student Tomas Januska brilliantly captured the state of weightlessness in a series of black and white photos entitled, “Gravity.”

To achieve the effect, Thomas asked his subjects to simply jump in the air while striking their favorite pose.

Photo Series Captures The Effect of Weightlessness

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IT MUST HAVE BEEN one of the first thrills ever on a skateboard. The ancient art of hill-bombing remains a monster rush to this day and is a universal skate experience. No matter which way skating progresses, the urethane plunge has not diminished one bit and never will. Other than bending your knees there’s no technical skills involved with a hill-bomb, yet basic “control” is required: you have to remain standing and keep those feet on the grip. It sounds easy, but it’s a battle of nerves with huge consequences. When the descent gets hectic do you jump off early and take your guaranteed lumps? Or do you ride it out to glory yet risk a slam ten times worse?

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